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The Adorable Scoreboard Mini

Item#: 4014513


Product Description & Details

8" x 8" The Adorable Scoreboard Mini from Hunkydory! The scoreboard fits up to 8"x8" and A4 cardstock, however as there is no bottom lip on the board you can also easily score larger sheets too. It is an ergonomic scoreboard designed to achieve a crisp, perfect score time after time! A lot of time and research has gone into producing this scoreboard! It's double-sided with both metric and imperial measurements and features increments as small as 1/8" and 0.5cm. The scoring tool is ergonomic, with a wider top edge so that scoring doesn’t create a ridge on your finger, and clips into the board. The built-in box making technology makes it easier than ever to create beautiful boxes. This works because the indent on the right hand side of the board is ever so slightly smaller than on the left, so if you make the lid from the left and the base from the right, they are then perfectly sized for each other. Be sure to see The Adorable Scoreboard Handbook #5 Mini Makes (link) and the larger Adorable Scoreboard - Pretty in Pink Edition (link)!


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