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Our Design Team

We are so delighted to have these very talented women designing for us.
LeNae Gerig
I started working at Hot Off The Press as a newlywed in 1994 when we were a craft instructional book company. I’ve learned so much about different types of crafts over the years. My “bag of tricks” keeps growing as I'm inspired by others on our design team. I’m so grateful to have a wonderful place like Hot Off The Press/Paper Wishes right here in my home town. How lucky am I?!
Debbie Samples
I didn’t start out as a designer, far from it. I began working with Paulette’s mother on her warehouse sales in 2000. In 2005 I started part-time relieving people for vacations and doing special projects. When my last child was a high school senior in 2008, I came on board full time helping customers with monthly Personal Shopper kits and assisting customer service. I did some designing when the design team got in a pinch. In 2014 I came on board as a full-time designer. Even today, I do help out in customer service, too.
Teresa Welch
I've worked for Paulette and Hot Off The Press for more than 35 years being the second person she hired (her sister was the first). I started by designing projects for idea books, eventually moving into the Vice President position where I oversaw production of papers and products. After a move to Arizona, I still worked for HOTP/Paper Wishes long-distance, as part of the design team. I'm retired and loving the slower pace--but it's fun still having my hand in a bit of designing by creating projects once or twice a month for the webisodes. Other interests, along with cardmaking, include quilting, cooking and baking, reading, and staying active and healthy.
Sara Naumann
I’ve worked with Hot Off The Press since they were a craft book publisher and I was a new graduate from the University of Oregon. I’ve taught hands-on workshops all over the world for Hot Off The Press, on everything from stamping to scrapbooking and cardmaking. Now I create videos for Paper Wishes Weekly webisodes and host Mixed Media the Paper Wishes Way webisodes. I now live in Germany with my husband and daughter, Anna. See Anna’s photo on the ½” jumbo foam tape product page. I’m paying her royalties in ice cream for use of the photo!
Heidi Havens
I have been a crafter all of my life. I am so lucky to have an Aunt that has inspired me to embrace my creative talents and interests (that would be Paulette). I grew up with a mother who made our clothes and would take requests for coloring books she would make for the next day. I love color and texture and playing with light. I am a collage artist, a painter, vignette creator, and a lover of all things crafty. As the newest member of the design team, I’m really happy to be here. Heidi lives in Wisconsin with her husband and an assortment of animals!