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1/2" wide Extra Sticky Tape

Item#: 4010630


Product Description & Details

Super-sticky tape! This tape sticks to anything—literally! It's ideal for bonding beads, glitter, ribbons, metal embellishments and much more to your projects.

Use this tape for scrapbooking, card making, mixed media projects, in art journals, and so many other paper crafts. The tape is crystal clear and the bond is instant and permanent. This crafter's must-have, double-sided adhesive tape is from our friends at Je Je.

Attach Prills with this tape or use with the metal flakes. Simply apply the tape to your project, remove the backing, and apply the metal flakes or Prills to the super-sticky surface. Press the material into place with your fingers, then brush off the excess.

This roll contains 32.8 feet of ½" wide clear, super-sticky tape. For smaller projects and to complete your stash, be sure to get the Extra Sticky ¼" Wide Tape (link). And for huge projects or for die cutting, get the Extra Sticky Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets (link).


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