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Dazzles™ Stickers Transfer Sheet

Item#: 4001854


Product Description & Details

Get double the dazzle! This must-have transfer sheet makes it easy to use the negative images from your Dazzles, giving you double the value for your sticker sheet. Cut around your Dazzles sticker, then place the Sheet on top. Firmly rub over the Sheet and the innies will be lifted. Position them on your paper, burnish again and voila, youve applied the negative image to your paper. The Dazzles Transfer Sheet gives you double the use of your Dazzles stickers, allowing you to use both the positive and negative portions of the design. Easy and economicalthats what we call dazzling! To help prevent your transfer sheet from sticking to your paper try these easy tips:
  • Only use the necessary amount of transfer sheet. Too much excess adhesive sheet can stick to your paper and pull it up.
  • The Transfer sheet works best when it's tacky, not super-sticky. To make this sheet less sticky, place it on a towel or piece of felt, then remove. Repeat 3 times, then use with your Dazzles.
  • Only rub or burnish the area where the Dazzle is located on the transfer sheet. Burnishing the excess transfer sheet to the paper may cause sticking and tearing.
  • Remove the transfer sheet at angle (instead of left to right or top to bottom). This will help the Dazzles adhere to the paper.


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