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Paper Patchwork #2 Template

Item#: 4107420


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Patchwork paper-quilting template with additional designs!! Hot Off The Press designed Paper Patchwork #2 template that brings 5 additional designs to creating authentic patchwork quilting patterns specifically for paper arts. These patterns allow you to use two different papers or double-sided papers to create these shapes quickly and easily! The shapes include pinwheel, fan, bow tie, checkerboard & triangle corners. This template is essential for all those scrapbooking and card making projects that need the look of a dozen handmade hours, but take only minutes to create. All instructions are printed on the template, with clear indicators for cutting and folding. Template is made of clear plastic with grid lines for precise placement and 3-hole punched for easy storage. Hot Off The Press offers a full line of Templates including Teresa's Pentagon Iris Folding template (link), Design Tool #6 (link) and Design Tool #5 (link).


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