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Scrapbooking 101

Tools For Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking doesn't require a huge investment. You'll need an album with sheet protectors, straight-edge scissors, adhesive, solid and patterned cardstock and your photos.

Scissors or Paper Trimmers: All you really need is a pair of scissors, however a paper trimmer is nice to have. It allows you to cut straight lines quickly and easily.

Adhesive: There are many kinds of adhesive and it should be acid free to prevent damage photos. A good basic is a glue stick, which is inexpensive and easy to use. Tape runners are also an easy and inexpensive option. Foam tape or foam squares give you added dimension. Use one layer or two layers under tags or flowers to give embellishments lots of lift.

Photos & Paper

What Photos to use: Select photos for scrapbooking based on a theme, time period or event. Think of each page as a story to tell. Select a few or one special photo for a page. If you have too many photos for a single page consider a Double Page Layout or Two Page Spread which has 2 facing pages in an album. These pages will have matching or identical layouts and papers.

Heritage photos: Black and white heritage photos make a wonderful first scrapbook album. Starting with your family’s past. We recommend not using original photos in an album. Consider scanning heritage photos or using a smart phone to take digital photo and printing it. Now that it's digital you can share with family!

Solid and Printed Cardstock and Patterned Papers: Scrapbooking papers come in many different prints and sizes: Paper, cardstock, double and single sided, paper packs and by the sheet. 12"x12", 8"x8", 6"x6" and 8 1/2x11". Paper Wishes offers 6"x6" and 12"x12" collections with coordinating cardstock, tags and chipboard.

What is acid free and lignin free? The acid that's naturally present in paper will cause photos to deteriorate and yellow. This aging process is slowed when acid is removed from paper during the manufacturing process. Not all scrapbooking materials are photo-safe, so be sure your paper and glue are labeled acid-free.

What is lignin free? Lignin is the natural bonding element which holds wood fibers together. Newsprint contains lignin and you'll notice how brittle and yellowed a newspaper becomes after just a few weeks. Like acid, lignin can be removed during processing to make scrapbooking paper safe.

Building a Scrapbook Page

Pick your papers: Once you pick your photos for your scrapbook page, select patterned papers for your background, which instantly adds color and depth to a page. You can find them in practically every style and theme.

Mat your photos: When using patterned paper as a background to your photos, mat the photos to give them a frame that will help them stand out.

Layout your page: Arrange your elements (photos, journaling and embellishments) on the background papers. Before you glue them down, move them around to make sure you like the placement.

Journaling: You can write directly on the page or you can journal on a separate piece of paper and then glue it to the page. If you make an error you can just start again. You can also computer journal and print it out.

Embellishments: You can decorate your pages with all sorts of embellishments. Ribbons, Dazzles™ Stickers, Chipboard, tags and crystals are all wonderful options. Paper Wishes has so many fun products to add creativity to a page!

More to come!