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UV Resin #1 by Jewelry by Me

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Heart Inclusions Red, White, Pink
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UV Resin Discovery Kit
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Susan Bischoff

Susan Bischoff January 23rd, 2023
WOW! Thanks so very much, this little intro is Terrific. I can’t wait to receive it. Looking forward to filing the long winter days with your help. One question, are air bubbles a problem??? Thanks again!!!!!
Note From Store Owner: While bubbles are a problem with 2-part resin, they aren't such an issue with UV since you don't mix the resin. Watch carefully and if any develop, just move them with your toothpick. Have fun!

Elaine Faulkner

Spreading your wings! January 21st, 2023
Ooooooo....how exciting! Kudos PW for venturing out into this fun medium. Will definitely have to save up to buy this kit for sure!

Ninamarie Coulter

Wonderful January 21st, 2023
Thank you very much. I bought a different kit a long time ago and have been afraid to use it, but now with your expert help, I shall use it. I also will be ordering the kit you used.

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