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Easy Pleated Snowflakes Template

Item#: 4007391


Product Description & Details

Easy pleated snowflakes! This fun template comes with 5 beautiful snowflake shapes ranging from 2 to 4 that will make beautiful embellishments! A new process makes them so easy to create! Make custom snowflakes to match your cards, scrapbook pages, or other craft projects. Create a beautiful snowflake banner to hang in a doorway or decorate Christmas gifts with your custom creations! Make them out of any patterned paper, vellum, specialty paper, or light weight cardstock. You'll have 6 different pleated flower shapes.
This 8x11 Easy Pleated Snowflakes template is clear plastic with grid lines for precise placement. Each sheet comes with folding guidelines and tips printed onto the template for your convenience. Tip: When cutting out the snowflakes, trace, then remove the template and cut with scissors.


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