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3-D Ice Cream Sundae Template

Item#: 4007361


Product Description & Details

Zero calorie ice cream sundae box! This sweet ice cream sundae becomes a darling box, the perfect size to hold party favors, jewelry, candy, money or your best wishes! All you need is this template, a pair of scissors and adhesive. Youll have 6 shapes on this template: Each sundae has two parts (the ice cream and the cup), and youll have a cute little spoon, an easy-to-fold topper, an accordion-fold wafer and a tag. Nest the ice cream inside the cup, then add the spoon, topper, wafer and tag! You can use any size of paper, from 8x8 to 12x12mix and match patterned designs for unlimited options.

All instructions are printed on the template, with clear indicators for cutting and folding. Template is made of clear plastic with a 3-hole punch for easy storage. Designed by Susan Niner Janes.


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