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Panoramic Box Pop-Up Birthday Card


Product Description & Details

Designer’s Note: I die cut and assembled two card bases, then cut the tab off the end. After accordion-folding the panels and adding the springs and tags, I glued the two outside panels to the inside of a regular card, creating a pop-up mechanism. For another use of the die, I trimmed off one of the sections to create a frame for the front; you could also make the frame into a shaker element for a card front. 


1. For the card front: Cut 4½"x6" Foggy Forest bear cardstock and mat it on Silver paper with ⅛" borders. Glue it centered on the blank card front. Die cut one panoramic card base from blue cardstock, then trim off one section to create a frame. Wrap and tie ¼" wide tan gingham ribbon around the frame near the bottom, then foam tape the frame to the front as shown.

2. Press the front of the large stag head chipboard onto the ink pad. Cover it with embossing powder, tap off the excess, and heat the remaining powder to melt it. Repeat to emboss it a second time, then glue it inside the frame. Place brown “happy birthday” Dazzles™ on the frame as shown.

3. For the inside: Cut Foggy Forest stag head cardstock to 5"x4¼", utilizing the upper portion, and glue it centered on the inside front panel. Cut Foggy Forest wolf cardstock to 5"x4¼", utilizing the upper left portion and glue it centered on the inside back panel. Place border Dazzles™ along the upper and lower edges of both cardstocks.

4. Die cut two panoramic box card bases and two springs from khaki cardstock. Attach the card bases end-to-end, then cut off the extra tab at the end. Crease and glue the springs behind the two center panels, following the die package directions.

5. Die cut a tag and a label from the Foggy Forest bear cardstock, utilizing the lower left and right corners. Tie a 5" length of ¼" wide gingham ribbon to the tag. Knot the center of a 4" length of the same ribbon and glue the knot to the label top. Decorate both with brown word Dazzles™ as shown, then use Sticky tape to attach each to a spring, following the package directions.

6. Place Sticky tape around the back edges of the first and last card base panels, then attach the panels one at a time to the inside, aligning the edges with the edges of the card and the inside patterned cardstock. Decorate the panels with cutouts, die-cuts, and Dazzles™ as shown.


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