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Diamond Painting 101

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a fun and easy craft to master. Projects are usually found in kits and they range from cards to poster size. The craft is most like paint-by-numbers, but instead of using paint and a brush, you use an applicator to apply hundreds (or thousands on a poster) of sparking beads or rhinestones to an adhesive surface. Each space is coded with a letter or number and when finished the “painting” has texture and sparkles.

Diamond Painting Tips:

  • Load your diamond pen with red/pink wax. This will allow you to pick up the diamond beads/rhinestones. When it becomes difficult to pick up it’s time to reload with wax.
  • Only partially peel off the clear sheet that protects the adhesive. Peel up one corner at a time and replace it to keep the adhesive clean and free of dust.
  • Work with one color of beads/rhinestones at a time instead of switching colors. This is faster and less confusing.
  • Place one color of beads at a time in the tray and gently shake to align the beads/rhinestones right side up. They’ll be ready to be picked up with applicator tool.
  • When and area is complete, replace the clear protective sheet and apply pressure over the area with your fingertips to insure the beads/rhinestones adhere.
  • If you place a bead/rhinestone in the wrong place, simply use tweezers to remove it from the adhesive.

More to come!