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Dazzles 101

How To Make a Card Using Dazzles™ Stickers

In this video we show you how to remove Dazzles™ Stickers from the sheet and use as a greeting card focal. Dazzles™ stickers can also be backed with patterned or solid cardstock or placed on white cardstock and colored with markers. When backing the Dazzles™ sticker with paper or cardstock, it is best to use small scissors (say 4 ½” long scissors) when cutting next to the thin Dazzles™ outlines.

Themes & Finishes of Dazzles™ Stickers

There are Dazzles™ Stickers for every reason and every season! All holidays, birthdays, beach, and flowers are just some of the examples of themes. Our Dazzles™ stickers also come in different colors (black, white, metallic, primary and pastel colors) plus a variety of finishes (vinyl, mirror, pearl and sparkly holographic).

Words & Greetings Dazzles™ Stickers

In this video we look at the different themes, styles, sizes and fonts of words and greeting Dazzles™ Stickers. When using a silver or white Dazzles™, you can even color them with permanent alcohol markers or sharpie pens to change the color.

Border Dazzles™ Stickers

In this video we demonstrate how to add different styles of Border Dazzles™ Stickers to your cards. Border Dazzles™ Stickers are anywhere from 1/16” to 1/2” wide. Many of the stickers give the look of heat-embossed images but all you do is peel and stick. TIP: Using the grid pattern on a cutting mat or even a sheet of notebook paper is helpful in aligning Dazzles™ borders on your cards. That works well for placing word Dazzles™ too. Another tip: Trim the uncut Dazzles™ area to make borders—we never throw anything away!

Round Jewel Dazzles™ Stickers

Lightweight and reflective, round Jewel Dazzles™ Stickers look just like their crystal counterparts or like metallic nail heads, but without the weight and height. Add them to your papercrafts for a bit of sparkle, shimmer, and shine! Each sheet of Dazzles™ stickers features 540 jewels in 3 sizes! Use a Jewel Picker or Pokey Tool to easily remove round Jewel Dazzles™ from their backing sheet and press to your paper. We also love using them to embellish themed Jewel Dazzles™ Stickers such as flowers, snowflakes, trees, ornaments and leaves. You can also use the empty backing sheet as an embellishment—see the scrapbook page in the video! Another tip: Trim the uncut Dazzles™ area to make borders—we never throw anything away!

More Ideas For Using Dazzles™ Stickers

You can place Dazzles™ Stickers on paper, plastic, glass, wood and metal. Making gifts and home decor is easy and inexpensive. Place heart Dazzles™ Stickers on wine glasses for a wedding or anniversary celebration. You can even put them in the dish washer but we do recommend hand washing! And you can place Dazzles™ on candles, too. They will stick to the surface and make a dollar store candle into a very special gift. Because the candle will burn down the inside of the candle (away from the Dazzles™), there is no worry about the Dazzles™ becoming ruined. You can also place them on acetate and color in with markers or permanent pens then hang for suncatchers. Dazzles™ stickers are just so very versatile!