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#242 Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine Beautiful Blossoms

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Product Description & Details

#242 Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine from Practical Publishing!
This 84 page magazine features ideas to advance your stamp skills, step-by-step guides, and mixed-media techniques! Paper Wishes Exclusive! 

#242 Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine has:
• 142 Tips & tricks for you to try at home!
• 4 Beautiful Blossoms All-In-One Flower Forming - A5 Foam sheets
• 5 Beautiful Blossoms All-In-One Flower Forming - A5 Cardstock sheets
• 6 Beautiful Blossoms Sentiment Stamps
• All-In-One Flower Forming - Shaping ball tool
• Beautiful Blossoms 13-n-1 Floral template
• In depth guide to pendant photo cards.
• Faux-layered die-cuts masterclass 

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