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Stamps fall into two categories: Acrylic and Wood


What’s an acrylic stamp?
Acrylic stamps come on a clear plastic liner, so you peel the stamp off the liner, then place it onto a clear acrylic block. It will cling, so there’s no need for adhesive or a cushion. Press to make sure it’s well adhered, ink it up and stamp away. Clean with soap and water when you’re done. Peel the stamp off and replace it on the clear plastic liner.

Don’t forget the blocks
If you’re just getting into acrylic stamps, you’ll also need to buy acrylic blocks. They’re sold separately from the stamps and you can find them at You’ll want a variety of mounts to accommodate your different stamp sizes.

An acrylic block that’s slightly larger than your stamp is perfect. If the stamp is too big for the mount, you won’t get a good impression. And if the mount is much bigger than the stamp, it’s hard to ink without also inking your acrylic mount, which can lead to stray ink marks. Be sure to clean your mounts as well as your stamps.

The benefits of acrylic
Clear stamps let you perfectly position your image on your paper. They’re less expensive to manufacture, so they’re less expensive for you and me. They’re flatter and easier to store. And because they often come with multiple images on one sheet, you get a selection of stamps that coordinate—often, for the price of one wood-mounted stamp!


What Should I Know About Wood Stamps?
Think of stamps and you’ll probably envision a traditional rubber stamp with a wood handle. Wood-mounted stamps have been the norm in the craft industry for years, and it’s easy to find a great selection of stamp styles in all sizes, degrees of intricacy and price ranges.

What’s a wood mounted stamp?
A wood-mounted stamp has a rubber dye with a sheet of cushioning material, mounted on a wooden block. The rubber is permanently affixed to the wood, so you just ink it up and stamp!

Stamp Storage
The object is to keep your stamps clean, dry and out of the sun or harsh light.

Acrylic Stamps
You can keep your acrylic stamps on the cling index sheet they come on with the other cling sheet on top. Acrylic stamps are also easily stored in craft drawers or in a 3 ring binder, simply slip each stamp set into a sheet protector. Another great option is a stamp storage system that protects your stamps and keeps them organized!

Now, organization is up to you—you could group them by manufacturer or theme, like Quotes/Words, Nature, Swirls, etc.

Don't put too many stamps in each binder, or they’ll be too heavy to stand up. Also, please don’t toss your stamps into a box or basket or store them under anything heavy. Stamps are pretty durable but you still want to treat your investment with care!

Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps
Use clear plastic boxes for seasonal and rarely-used stamps; and wall-mounted shelves for frequently-used stamps. You can stack seasonal and rarely-used stamps in clear plastic boxes with the large, heavy ones on the bottom. You should only have two layers of stamps, otherwise the stamps on the bottom could get damaged by the weight over time.

Frequently-used stamps look great on shelves with the rubber side facing the wall, the way the are at a stamp store. This way you can find a stamp at a glance and they look nice, too. No matter what storage method you use, be sure to allow room for growth!

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