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Hoop Earrings UV Resin Kit

Item#: 4023701


Product Description & Details

Hoop Earrings UV Resin Kit from Jewelry Made By Me!
This Hoop Earrings UV Resin Kit includes everything needed to make 5 pairs of earrings!. Simply pour, customize and cure! Resin Craft by Me UV Resin DIY Kits are the fast and easy start to making custom UV resin jewelry in minutes. Just add UV resin and UV light! It is perfect to learn with or take along with you and share with others. Instructions included on the back of the package. 

 Hoop Earrings UV Resin Kit includes:
1 reusable silicone mold
10 ear wires
20 jumprings
1 bag of glitter
1 bag of gold foil
1 bags of crushed shell

CAUTION when handling, cured resin might be HOT!

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