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Shocking Pink Cosmic Shimmer Neon Polish 50ml

Item#: 4019209

$8.54 $8.99

Product Description & Details

Shocking Pink Cosmic Shimmer Neon Polish from Creative Expressions! The neon polish is a water-based, fast drying, creamy mousse-like polish designed to add a bright neon paint effect to your projects. Each pot features a sponge delivery system, simply apply a small amount of neon polish onto the sponge applicator and apply it to a variety of surfaces including MDF, cardstock, paper and more! Lightly mist with water before storing to prevent the product from hardening! Size: 50ml glass pot More from Creative Expressions: Absinthe Green Neon Polish (link), Lava Orange Neon Polish (link), Bahama Blue Neon Polish (link), Rio Red Neon Polish (link), and Happy Yellow Neon Polish (link).


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