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Ink & Stain Remover by Amodex, 1 oz. bottle

Item#: 4016738


Product Description & Details

Ink & Stain Remover by Amodex! This product is different because it removes ALL INKS (yes, including Sharpie!), ALL FOOD STAINS, crayon, blood, grease, paints, and "old mystery stains." Non toxic, unique cream soap formula, eco-friendly, unlimited shelf life, safe on all fabrics, surfaces and skin. Safe on carpet, upholstery, silk, cashmere, wool, leather. Recommended by Crayola, Consumer Reports, "Best of the Best" by Oprah Windrey, and Martha Stewart Living. From a woman owned company, the formula was developed by her grandfather who was a printer and wanted to be presentable when making sales calls. Amodex works on all types of ink including ballpoint, felt tip, fountain pen, stamp pad, and even permanent and whiteboard marker! Size: 1 oz. bottle More from Amodex: Stain Wipes (link), Ink & Stain Remover by Amodex (link), and Ink & Stain Remover Trial Packet (link).


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