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Ghost Ink 2.0

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Ghost Ink 2.0 from Rinea! Ghost ink is used for creating a reverse stamp – instead of leaving the stamped ink on the paper, it removes the color from our foiled paper and reveals the silver underneath for a magical effect. It works with any stamp – simple shapes and intricate designs. Pad Size: 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" Apply ink thoroughly and stamp firmly on the foiled paper. Do not wiggle it while stamping (same as what you would do for any glossy paper). Pull stamp directly off to avoid smudging for a clear image. Dry the stamped ink with a heat gun from approximately 6” away for about 5 seconds. Don’t heat for too long or hold it too close to prevent the foiled paper from bubbling. Wet a paper towel with 70% rubbing alcohol and wipe the stamped ink off the foiled paper to reveal the silver underneath and see the magic! More from Rinea: Floral Foiled (link) and Emerald Glossy (link).


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