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Cosmic Shimmer Opal Polish Lilac Pearl

Item#: 4015935

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Product Description & Details

Lilac Pearl Cosmic Shimmer Opal Polish from Creative Expressions! It is a water-based, fast-drying medium, designed to achieve beautiful opalescent effects on crafts and mixed media projects. This 50ml glass pot also comes with an attached sponge applicator for fast and convenient application.

Start with a very light coating, then if you want a more pigmented look, simply add a second layer. The medium dries almost instantly, so no waiting! Opal Polish stored in a cool room can start to harden, so gently warm it before use for optimal consistency.

To keep the Polish from drying out, be sure to top off the contents with a bit of water when you are done using the product.

More Opal Polish colors from Creative Expressions: Copper Pearl (link), Green Pearl (link), Blue Pearl (link), and Red Pearl (link).


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