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Chameleon Pens - Primary Tones 5-Pack

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Easy-blending alcohol pens! Now it's easy to highlight and blend shades of colors together while you're coloring an image. These Primary Tones Chameleon Pens each comes with two parts: the pen itself and a chamber where clear blending solution is stored. Simply insert one tip (bullet nib or brush nib) into the blending solution chamber to pick up some solution on the tip, then start coloring. You'll start with a hint of a tint, then as the alcohol ink flows down to the tip, the color will gradually darken while you're coloring. This gives you many different tones in each pen! Because of that, you'll need fewer pens to achieve hundreds of colors.

You'll be able to make smooth transitions of color without using multiple pens, going back over the previous colors, or using a blending solution pen. Simply begin coloring where you want the highlights in your image and that's where the lightest tones will be. Then, move to the darker shadowed areas as your pen color comes back down into the nib. It's done all with one pen! You'll get 5 pens in this set of Chameleon Pens - Primary Tones by Chameleon Art Products. Inks are compatible with other alcohol inks, are non-toxic, and low-odor. Once you try these pens, you'll want the others, too: Pastel Chameleon Pens (link), Earth Tones Chameleon Pens (link), and Cool Tones Chameleon Pens (link).


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